Poverty Is A Curse!

If we resist the spirit of poverty in the same way we resist the spirit of racism, how much poverty would remain in society? This is a thought that I have seriously been pondering on in this season.

Both poverty and apartheid are man made ideologies and systems. If apartheid can be dismantled, then surely poverty should suffer the same defeat.

The spirit of poverty must be dealt with in the same way as the Ebola plague. We need to guard ourselves, our families and communities against it and do everything in our power to quarantine and keep it from spreading wherever it seems to exist. For a child not to be accepted in a school because of the color of their skin, is just as wrong as a child not being able to attend the school because they cannot afford to. Now I am not advocating “Fees must fall”, I am merely highlighting the imperative; our fight against the spirit of poverty must intensify!

The greatest challenge concerning poverty is the apathy surrounding it, and I say this with caution. There is a minority who are seemingly breaking through, and gaining some ground in this area, but we are nowhere near addressing this as a collective.

This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about breaking this spirit!

Dr Maxwell Holland
Founder and senior Pastor of Kingdom Life Embassy
Kingdom visionary leader
Life Coach and Mentor

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