Obedience and Financial Success

The pursuit for power is at the heart of all of our pursuits. It’s okay to want power but it’s not okay to violate God’s principles in this pursuit. The obedience of God’s principles guarantee our success. And the disobedience of His principles guarantee our failure. We pursue money and wealth because money gives us opportunities and power. Money gives influence and power and that’s what we truly want. God has established principles that we must obey to get the financial success we want and if we choose to disobey this principles we will fail.

1. “Give us this day our daily bread.”-Mat 6:11 (EMTV)

Poverty and greed are results of us disobeying this principle. We are worried about our needs for tomorrow that we gather more than enough today. When we gather more than we need today our neighbours lack the provisions for their needs. And when someone lacks the provision for their needs they will steal from others. When our needs for the day are met, the extras we have for the day we should give to others so that their needs will be met. When we do this it activates another principle “It is more blessed to give than to receive”-Act 20:35 (EMTV).

When we give or share our wealth others, God blesses us more and more. No one has ever become poor by giving. God loves a cheerful giver. Don’t let the evasion of taxes in your country be the reason you don’t give to others or charities. Give because you love giving and you want to be a vessel God uses to provide for other’s needs. When you give, you open up your hands to receive. Allow yourself to be a channel God uses to provide for the daily needs of others.

2. “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”-Mat 6:33 (EMTV)

The temptation many face after being financially successful is to leave God’s presence and get busy with our business ventures. We function properly when we are constantly in God’s presence. The moment we leave God’s presence to pursue wealth we destroy each other. We lose our values and morals then we sell our character for more money and power. Stay submitted under God’s authority in your life and in the church even when you have more money than you can spend, manage or ask for.

To seek means to go after something with everything you have, God knows all our needs and no matter how big they are God wants us to seek Him with everything we have so that He can provide all of our needs. God has the keys to the funding we need for our business ventures. God has the keys to connect us with the team we need to fulfill His purpose for our lives and the keys to unlocking all, IF WE ARE OBEDIENT. Never bribe to get a job or a tender, God is watching for His word to perform it. Your success is good for God’s reputation and your failure is bad for His reputation. God will open doors and bless you for His name sake. Everything we need are in His Kingdom.

The principles for our success in business, marriage, studies, work, families, communities and nations are all in His word. Let’s keep on studying His word and obeying His principles for our lives and our success will be guaranteed in all areas of our lives. You are a Billionaire in the making and you can cancel your destiny as a Billionaire by violating God principles. Be fruitful, grow, shine, excel, multiply and keep on obeying God’s word. I love you my friend. Stay blessed.

By Ebenezer Mamabolo, Twitter: @king_ebby

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