Money Management Is Heavenly

The subject of Money is a very important and sensitive topic. The MANAGEMENT of money is even more important because we find that even the children of God at some point are victims of mismanaging money which result in stressful life and faith in God being questioned. Lack of Money management leads to financial lack.

Firstly, we need to question ourselves; “how is Money Management holy or heavenly?”. I will answer this way, you CANNOT succeed in Money Management when you are greedy. Greed simply says “I feed me and do not care about anybody else”. Well, the bible clearly teaches us that the first rule of propal Money Management is to consider needs. What needs?

  • Pay your tithe and offering
  • Settle your debt if you have any
  • Take care of yourself and family members

Our needs differ as individuals but bear in mind that I started by mentioning ‘tithe and offering’ which the Lord has requested of us to bring into His storehouse so that there may be meat in His house(paraphrased), [Malachi 3:10]. If you cannot consider these needs, you will fail in fruitful Money Management.

Secondly, the key that will help us to manage our money well is to ACKNOWLEDGE that what we have is not ours but the Lord’s. The resources we have are not ours; this includes our monies. We have to realise and have a conviction within that we have the RESPONSIBILITY to manage the resources the Lord has given us in Kingdom way. In this case, money is the resource we are to manage correctly. When we acknowledge that the money we have is from the Lord, through His grace, to well-manage it; we will not spend wastefully and without definite purpose.

How is wasting unscriptural?

Matthew 14:20 “They all ate as much as they wanted, and afterward, the disciples PICKED UP twelve baskets of LEFTOVERS”. This verse teaches us that after we spend our money on things that we need (remember to pay your Tithe first, always), the ‘LEFTOVER’ is to be ‘PICKED UP’ and placed into store baskets (saving) NOT waste baskets (unnecessary spending), in other words, we are to SAVE OR INVEST what is left. Jesus met the need that was at hand (hunger), after doing so, His disciples picked up what was left and stored them. It is biblically correct and acceptable to have a savings account where you can save up your money. God does not bring an increase to anyone who misuses the resources He has given him/her.

Mismanaging money birth lack, lack birth frustration, frustration birth doubt, doubt birth unbelief, and unbelief birth poverty. For anyone who disbelieve that GOD CAN BLESS will attract poverty and prohibits God from operating in his/her life, for without faith it is impossible to please God.

Finally, let us manage our money by not spending recklessly but spend wisely for this is good before the Lord.

Katlego Koloi
Founder and Owner at Koloi Properties
CEO at Katlego Koloi Foundation

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